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This Web site is managed by PHIFIT Corporation ("PHIFIT").
When using this Web Site, please read our policies carefully and use this Web Site only when you agree to it.

1. Limitation of use

 Unless specifically stated,PHIFIT owns the copyrights to all materials on this Web Site, and these copyrights are protected by copyright laws, and other applicable laws and treaty provisions of each country throughout the world.
 You may view or print the Materials only for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use or action (including copying, alteration, uploading, public transmission, transfer, licensing, publishing, or any commercial use) is prohibited without the prior written consent of PHIFIT. This shall not apply, however, if the purpose of use matches the "Exceptions".

2. Updating pages

 Images and System requirements which are listed on the individual product pages are, in principle, information at the date of release unless update date is stated.

3. Disclaimers

 PHIFIT does not make any warranty and does not accept any responsibility of accuracy, certainty or any other kind, relating to the contents and information. PHIFIT does not accept any responsibility even if any damage should arise from or in connection with any use of the contents, etc.

 Please be informed that PHIFIT may suspend or stop operating this Web Site without notice or PHIFIT may change or delete items described on this Web Site without notice.






Copyright an Trademarks

1. PHIFIT owns the copyrights to all materials on this Web site as clearly stateted on the Limitation of use.

2. All trademarks listed below are owned by PHIFIT, and are protected under Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, Commercial Law and their relevant laws in Japan and corresponding laws in other countries/territories.

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